Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Mother's Love

Happy New Year birdies!!!!

Our first blog of 2011!

I've wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. Some days, I believe God allows me, honestly I know this will sound crazy, but I believe He allows me to numb that desire so that I can DEAL!

But, in the meantime, He allows me to see the sparks that are parental love. The kind of love that can be splattered with all sorts of things as that child grows, but what lovely splatters it is when you look back on things!

I remember moving out of the house on Mother's day from my Mom's. I needed a change. I was frustrated. I was torn. I was.a.confused.teenager. But, through that move, I realized that absense does make the heart fonder. My Mom and I are now, praise be to God, back to where we should be, where it's comfortable, beautiful, lovely, and sparkly.

I love my Mama. I know she loves me. I thank God for growing her in seasons that she couldn't even fathom being possible even a few weeks ago. God truly does work in mysterious ways. He truly does have people in our lives for seasons, but our parents-they should never be seasonal.

Sure there are different scenarios...adoptions, long distance relationships, grandparents stepping up into missing spots, but through these variances spring forth amazing formations. I thank God for placing the right people in my life at the right time.

My friend and "kinfolk" Amy is getting her baby back after he's been in Florida for a while. BOAW was blessed to be able to spend time and take photos of the sweet family.

Amy, I truly saw the love in your eyes for Kody. While I know it will absolutely stink for his dad, siblings, and stepmom, I know that you've gained a tangible creation that you are praising God for each moment...and...that you've missed crazily.

Nothing can break the bonds of love. Not distance. Not other's. Not jealousy. Not bad weather. Not death.

Even if Kody decides to go back to Florida in the future, your love will not carries on like a sweet mama bird flying the miles to take her babies nourishment.

I love you Amy. I love you Mama.

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