Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pom Poms and Lemon Cupcakes

There are times of joy, times of sorrow, times of disagreements, and times of CRAFTING! I invited Casi and Eva over to assist in assembling pom pom’s. Not the kind you cheer with, the one’s your decorate with for baby showers, weddings, my CAR…just kidding. But, I would really hang mini pom’s because that is how much I’m in love with these creations.

It starts out with tissue paper, scissors, floral wire, pencil/bone folder tool (or in my case, a copy of Great Expectations), patience, & lemon cupcakes. The last 2 items are not a necessity, but it makes for a better outcome…trust me.

You also need something called an “Eva”. Now, you may not have an “Eva”, but BOAW happens to be blessed enough to have one. An “Eva” is a fantastically witty, crafty, cute, vivacious engine of nonstop ideas, technique, and pure magic. See her magical pointing picture below? That’s an “Eva” in motion*…working*…teaching*…being crafty. (* Indicates to use jazz hands). Our “Eva” also happens to come with a bonus ability.

She makes fabulous lemon cupcakes that reside in THE cutest ever damask cupcake liners. Our “Eva” is camera shy, but we captured her in her happy place -twisting floral wire.


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