Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blooming Belly

Have you ever been blessed in being able to see a family visibly grow in front of you? It’s a beautiful sight really. Our friend, pastor, brother from another mother – Matthew, is in an amazing time of his life right now. So is Merinda, our beautiful friend and mom extraordinaire to Jude and the tiny bundle of joy breathing in her blooming belly. We were honored to capture not only the beauty, but the laughter that is shared within this family unit.

Matthew and Jude want to see what mom experiences…somehow, I don’t believe this qualifies.

I asked Jude what he planned on doing when Baby Girl arrived…he said in his sweet cuddly voice, “I’m gon’ fight her!”

We couldn’t get Matthew to stop talking long enough to get “normal” shots…well, eventually we succeeded after duct taping his mouth and photoshoppin’ the tape out (JUST KIDDIN’!). But, this lead to us capturing Matthew’s “specialness”.

We can’t wait to meet her…only 20 weeks remaining!

We love you sweet family! Can’t wait til you see all the moments we helped capture!


  1. Absolutely love! Makes me want to get preganant just so I can take belly shots.....LOL....I Kid....

  2. Love these pics! Great job ladies!

    Lacie E

  3. Thanks everyone! We can't wait to post all the pics after they see them of course :)